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The Modern Rules of Being a Ski Bum


Ski Bum

The ski bum we all knew in days past isn’t gone, they’ve just learned to adapt to rising prices and have become more social in their efforts to live the dream of chasing snow. The modern day ski bum is thrifty, yet willing to fit in like a local. They dominate apres-ski, and are willing to pitch in where they can – for a trade on ski passes, of course. Want to learn the art of becoming a ski bum yourself? Here are a few modern rules of being a ski bum.

Rule #1. Get a Job.

With the rising cost of ski passes, even a part time job at a favorite ski resort can get you a free ski pass.  A lot of local businesses in ski resorts towns also offer free ski passes for their employees.  Dedicating a little time to side work can end up getting you a season pass, and money saved for the 2nd expensive part of being a ski bum – lodging.

Rule #2. Old School Lodging.

Today’s ski bums aren’t looking for 4 star accommodations with ski-in/ski-out access, because at $500+ a night with a minimum night stay, it’s just not economical.  Almost every ski town you visit has an old school lodge that offers amazing deals for people that simply need a place to rest their head after hitting the slopes hard. The modern day ski bum knows exactly where that lodge is and is happy to find somewhere to sleep for well under $100/night (even during peak times).

Rule #3. Networking.

If you haven’t found the common theme in these rules yet, we’ll spell it out for you here – networking.  It’s all in who you know, what you’re willing to trade, and what you can provide. The modern day ski bum is not like the ski bum of days past – rude, party-goers; instead, today’s ski bum is usually outside willing to chip in where they can. They appreciate the area as much as the locals and are willing to meet and greet to expand their ski network.

Rule #4. Buy Used.

The city has great thrift stores to find used ski gear, but we find that the best deals are in the ski towns themselves. From ski gear that is almost brand new to name brand coats and ski pants, consignments stores and thrift stores are the ultimate way to saving on gear.

Rule #5. Apres-Ski.

Food can be pricey in a ski town too, but modern day ski bums know the best way to rule the food scene is to get there early and leave early.  Places like the Winter Park Sushi Bar offer two for one specials on certain sushi rolls during happy hour and The Ditch has a full menu of food and drink specials that could leave anyone happy, including Sloppy Jose Nachos and Park’s Fries $6/each.

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The Modern Rules of Being a Ski Bum

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